About Simplilife

Simpli life is a revolutionary change in our life. our aim is to provide a internet based platform with the help of which you can provide a better service to your business, art, services.

It has been started from the heart beginning with city Raipur from state Chhattisgarh. With the help of photography we had a small effort We had captured pictures of city famous places like railway station, bus stand, educational institutes, chowks, Religious places, agricultural dept, companies, firm, Departments wholesale and Retail market, complex, talkies, city mall, picnic spots, gardens, hotels & lounges, garage & medical stores & services has been collected & synchronized & have designed a portal named as simpli life. With the help of which at any time, anywhere & any medium like telegram, mobile call, message, internet you can contact & fulfill your needs. & as well as You can take the facilities if home delivery also.

Who Founded Simplilife

"During childhood when I go to market or school holding moms hand at that time my eyes were pointed at hording, banners & both the sides of walls. I read the advertisements & tell to my mom. "

Simpli life was started from here only. But it came in existence in year 2011. Company established in 25 march 2014. The founder of company is Mr. Mohammad Kadir Khan.

Why Simplilife

Time is precious

once past never comes back. one year has 365 days, 12 months, 3 season of four months, summer winter & rain. In rainy season marketing is affected too much in summer also market is affected , but with our portal & services your sale purchase wont effect & helps your business & services to grow.
Correct Information

most of the people have no information about market, that which things
will be available where & at which cost. This matter is also solved by simplilife. People sitting from home using computers and cellphones & telephones can available information for themselves.
Everything at one place

Most Frequently sellers look for buyers & vice versa. But after so much effort they find each other. With the help of Simplilife, it becomes easy for both the parties to find each others. As well as we provide delivery facilities at negligible cost.